Timber Neutrality starts with you

TN welcomes partners at all levels of engagement. Here are just some of the ways we support sustainability at the business level, community level and individual level.


Individual estimation of any project from a residence to an airport terminal and everything in between. Standard practice is to review the project, the plans, manufacturing methods employed, construction methods to derive an accurate calculation of the number of trees cut down and the “recovery time” to regrow that mass.


Expert evaluation of wood usage from source to end product and the calculation of how to mitigate that usage on an ongoing basis. From matchsticks to newspapers to flooring and buildings, wood is everywhere in our human environment and putting back what is taken is more important than just simply knowing where your wood came from.

Point of Sale

Inquire for point-of-sale solutions matched to the needs of your customers. Empower customers to put back what they use at a nominal cost. Engender goodwill and bring your environmental commitments to the next level through engagement with the end user.

Get Involved

Contact us to discuss how you can make the world a better place by becoming part of our scheme to create long-term sustainable practices. Timber Neutral would also like to hear from potential replanting partners, to share in our vision for ongoing forestry solutions.